NM Transformers

Power Transformers


Capacity: 3 phase -1MVA to 15 MVA of 11KV & 33KV class, Windings materials: Copper

Applicable standards: IS,IEC

Cooling: ONAN

Frequency:  50HZ

Primary Voltage: 11KV,33kv

Secondary Voltage: 11KV (other voltage as required)

Tapping Range: Off Circuits and on load changer as per customer's requirements

Impendence: in line with applicable standards

Standard Fitting & Accessories

Bushings On Primary Side

Bushings On Secondary

Lifting Lugs & Rollers

Rating & Diagram Plate (Name Plate Details)

Magnetic Oil Level Gauge (MOG)

Silica Gel Breathers

Drain / Filter Values

Thermometer Pockets

PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)

Oil Level Indicators

Wit (Winding Temperature Indicator)

Buchholz Relay (GOR)

RTCC Panel with AVR

Off Circuit / On Lload Tap Changer

Marshalling Box